Annual Business Plan & Budget

The District Council of Ceduna’s Annual Business Plan for 2020-21 provides an overview of the services, programs and strategic projects Council plans to deliver to the Community in 2020-21.

The Annual Business Plan has been prepared on the basis of Council focusing on the maintenance of existing assets and infrastructure within the Community. The services provided by Council reflect both its obligations under a range of legislation and the Community’s expressed desire for specific services, facilities and infrastructure.

In developing the 2020-21 Annual Business Plan, Council has given particular attention to the economic circumstances prevailing in the various sectors of our community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in government mandated closures or restrictions in trading, which has effected both businesses and individuals employed by these businesses.

In the context of these circumstances, Council plans no overall increase in Council’s General Rate Revenue from existing assessments rated in 2019-20, with only additional General Rate Revenue derived from new assessments.

Council plans to continue to utilise Differential Rates (rates in the dollar) applied to the site value of the land, for defined townships, rural and industrial locations with Council will use, in conjunction with a Fixed Charge, to achieve its General Rate Revenue for 2020-21. In addition, Council has planned to continue its gradual equalisation of Council’s 4 township differential rates into one standard township differential rate by 2021-22.

Council plans to apply a General Rate Cap of 10% and Pension rate cap of 5% to eligible assessments, to provide reasonable relief from significant valuation increases resulting in large increases in General Rates Payable in 2020-21, relative to 2019-20.

Key elements of the 2020-21 Annual Business Plan include –

  • $0.745 Million Operating Deficit (before Capital Amounts), resulting from Total Operating Revenues of $10.214 Million and Total Operating Expenses of $10.959 Million
  • $0.575 Million Adjusted Operating Surplus after accounting for $1.320 Million of Council’s 2020-21 Financial Assistance Grants being received in advance in May 2020.
  • 0% increase in Total General Rate Revenue levied on existing assessments
  • 10% General Rate Cap and 5% Pensioner Rate Cap for eligible assessments
  • $2.953 Million in Capital Expenditure for the refurbishment of existing assets
  • $1.865 Million in Capital Expenditure for the construction or purchase of new assets or upgrading of existing assets