Drinking Water Services

District Council of Ceduna maintains two separate reticulated drinking water systems:

Ceduna Koonibba Water West Scheme (“Water West”)

Built in the late 1990’s Water West is a reticulated drinking water system, providing customers west of Ceduna with a readily accessible source of drinking water. Finishing 10 kilometres east of Penong, as illustrated below, Water West services the township of Denial Bay, Koonibba Community and is available to properties adjacent to the main line.

Water West Main Line

Smoky Bay Aquaculture Park

Built in early 2000’s the Smoky Bay Aquaculture Park is an industrial complex where Aquaculture (and aquaculture related) Businesses operate from in the township of Smoky Bay.


The pricing of availability and usage charges are set by Council in accordance with Sections 155 and 188 of the Local Government Act 1999 and takes into account the costs of source water, operating costs and future renewal of assets required to supply drinking water services to customers.

Usage Charges

Usage charges are calculated at a rate per kilolitre used and location of where the service is provided. As of 1 July 2020 the usage charge for all drinking water provided by Council to properties inside Council’s boundary is $4.07 per kilolitre and for all properties outside of Council’s boundary provided with drinking water from a Council water service the usage charge is $4.42 per kilolitre.

Availability Charges

Availability Charges are payable Water West customer assessments where the assessment is connected to the scheme or where the scheme is made available to the customer and they are not connected.

Non-Connected Availability Charge

Where Water West mains infrastructure are accessible adjacent to an assessment and the assessment chooses not to connect to the scheme a non-connected availability charge of $63.52 per quarter will be levied against the assessment.

Connected Availability Charges

Assessments with connections to Water West with a Local Government Land Use Code of Residential, Vacant or Commercial – Other as of 1 July 2020 are charged an availability charge of $105.91 per quarter per meter connected to the assessment.

All other assessments connected to Water West as of 1 July 2020 are charged an availability charge of $181.01 per quarter per meter connected to the assessment.

Connections and Metering

Connection fees are a one off charge to provide a connection point to the customers’ boundary (or closest point on main for Water West customers) and to install a meter. Connection fees are available on Council’s Fees & Charges Schedule.

Connection Terms and Conditions

It is a requirement for all drinking water customers to accept Council’s terms and conditions prior to providing a connection on either of Council’s maintained drinking water systems. For a copy of Council’s terms and conditions, please click on related link to the right.