Regional Signage

The District Council of Ceduna is committed to ensuring that signage is well presented and adequately promotes the town and its attractions.

Street name signs

Street signs are to be constructed in accordance with the Australian Standards and be clearly readable upon approch to the street. Streets with a substantial/pronounced crown that may obscure the view of the street name are not suitable for kerb etched street signs.

Traffic control signage (e.g. stop, giveway or restricted U-turn)

Traffic control signs are to be installed in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard and where necessary approval sought from Department Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. Where parking restrictions are to be installed and removed public consultation shall occur with any affected parties in accordance with Councils Policy.

Permanent business or advertising signs on Council land

Directional signage, can be displayed upon Council approval. Council will liaise with businesses about the placement of permanent business or advertising signage upon Council land such as the road reserve, permanent business or advertising signs on Council land and will require development approval.

For more information or to discuss signage please contact Council Administration on 8625 3407 or email .