The District Council of Ceduna maintains Ceduna and Smoky Bay cemeteries. The cemeteries are always open to the public.
Ceduna Cemetery is located on the corner of Decres Bay Road and Smith Road and you will find the Smoky Bay cemetery on Smoky Bay Road (to your right hand side as you drive into the town of Smoky Bay).

Grave and Niche Wall Sites

To arrange a lease on a grave or niche wall site in the Ceduna or Smoky Bay cemetery contact the District Council of Ceduna.

Burial Register

A Burial Register is kept and maintained. The Register contains the following details about deceased persons:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Burial
  • Plot/Grave Number
  • Place of last Abode
  • Who performed the Ceremony
  • Cemetery & Section

Details of persons interred in the Ceduna and Smoky Bay cemeteries can also be accessed by searching the directory below. Cemetery plans are also available for viewing at the Council Administration office.

The Australian Bereavement Register

The Australian Bereavement Register was formed with the following objectives:

  • Relieve people from the distress of receiving mail addresses to deceased friends and family.
  • To clean up the direct mail industry by creating a central register of deaths.
  • Curtain the wasted resources and environmental impact of nearly 10 million undeliverable mail items each year.

If you would like to know more about this service please telephone 1300 873 849 or visit the website TABR

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