drumMUSTER was developed with the Australian Enviroment in mind, this program collects eligible, pre-cleaned agricultural and veterinary  containers.

The program is supported by agvet chemical manufacturers, industry stakeholders which include member and farming associations and the state and local governments.

Working with local councils and collection agencies over Australia since 1998, the program has recycled 20 million containers, approximately 30,000 tonnes. Once the drums have been collected from their collection points they are the transferred to recycling factories and made into reusable products such as, wheelie – bins, road signs, fence posts and bollards and who knows what else as the use of recycled products grows.

Many are involved in this project, manufacturers, collection agencies/counsils, inspectors and community groups,processors, Agvet stores, farmers and chemical users.

The District Council of Ceduna's drumMUSTER information

The District Council of Ceduna accepts drums throughout the year by appointment.

Please contact the Administration Office on 86253 407 to make an appointment.

Containers must be:

  • triple rinsed
  • declared clean when delivered
  • clean with no chemical residue
  • inspected by an authorised drumMUSTER inspector
  • lids should be removed
  • no need to puncture containers