Strategic Plan

Council has adopted a Strategic Plan for a three-year basis, with the Plan being reviewed by Council on an annual basis. The current Strategic Plan is Council's second and forms an important part of managing Council's infrastructure, public services, communication and public relations.

Council gives strong consideration to the Strategic Plan in assessing the budget requirements each year, as the Strategic Plan was developed in consultation with members of the public and relevant organisations and agencies.

Members of the public can view a summary of the Strategic Plan including goals, outcomes & strategies by clicking on the link below. The file is quite large and may take several seconds to download. A full copy of the Strategic Plan viewed at the Council Administration office or can be purchased for a small fee.

Our Vision

Ceduna- an industrious, prosperous community in an enriching and pristine environment

Our Mission

To deliver economic, social and environmental prosperity for the community through consultation, leadership and the provision of high quality services.

Our Core Values

Professional - respectful and trustworthy
Consultative and responsive
Visionary and innnovative leadership
Transparent - honest and open minded
Best Practice - efficient, productive and sustainable