Waste & Recycling Centre

Opening Times


9am - 12pm

12pm - 1pm

1pm - 5pm


Tuesday - Waste

Tuesday - Recycling







Sunday - Waste OnlyClosed-Open
Public HolidaysClosed-Closed
Tuesday after a Public HolidayOpen-Closed

**During extreme weather conditions the refuse site may be closed.


The Ceduna Waste and Recycling Centre is located at 336 The Trading Stock Route (take your next right after passing the District Council of Ceduna Depot on Goode Road)

Contact Details

Ceduna Waste and Recycling Centre (08) 8626 9135
District Council of Council (08) 8625 3407

Waste & Recycling Facility Map

What is/is not accepted at the Waste & Recycling Facility and what are the fees?

All persons presenting material at the site should seek direction from the site attendant before waste or recyclable materials are removed from the vehicle.

Many recyclable items can be disposed of at the refuse site for free provided they are brought to the site in a condition that is suitable for recycling.

To qualify as recyclable, materials must be segregated and free from contamination however mixed loads may be classified as recyclable if segregated on site by the disposer, to the satisfaction of the site attendant. The more recyclables you sort out the less it will cost to dispose of your load.

Asbestos (non friable) is accepted only in accordance with EPA requirements. Hazardous waste is not accepted. Tyres are accepted if shredded to the EPA standard. For more information please contact the Ceduna Waste and Recycling Centre (08) 8626 9135.

Waste & Recycling Fees

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on Wednesday 21 August 2019, Council adopted a new fee and charges schedule for Recycling and Refuse.

Recycling & Refuse Fees

The fees have been increased to meet the rising cost of sorting, storing and transporting of recyclable materials and to meet the EPA licencing requirements for collection of certain materials such as E-Waste and fluorescent globes.

Both the Council and Ceduna Recycling are committed to reducing landfill and increasing recycling.