Customer Feedback

A person can provide feedback or make a compliant at any time about a product or service delivery of Council by:

Completing the online form: Customer Feedback / Complaints Form


Written correspondence: PO Box 175, CEDUNA  SA  5690

Telephone: 08 8625 3407

In person: 44 O'Loughlin Tce, CEDUNA  SA  5690

A person who makes contact with Council via Telephone or in person will be asked to submit their complaint in writing, if the matter cannot be satisfactorily resolved at the point of initial contact with Council.

To assist Council to process the complaint, the following details should be provided, if relevant:

  • Date, time and location of event(s);
  • Description of the event(s);
  • Names of Council employee(s) to whom you spoke and dates;
  • Copies or references to letters or documents relevant to the complaint;
  • The outcome that is hoped to be achieved.

Any complaint received will be resolved as quickly as possible, while ensuring the matter is dealt with at a level that reflects its level of complexity.

Please refer to Council Policy 1.49 Complaints Handling