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Public Consultation

Thank you for your interest in Public Consultation

Council currently have the following matters out for Public Consultation. 


Community Land Lease - Ceduna Bowling Club

Council is presently considering renewing the Community Land Lease for the Ceduna Bowing Club for 42 years.

Pursuant to Section 202 (2) of the Local Government Act 1999, Council must seek community feed back for any Community Land Leases over 5 years. Interested parties are invited to provide written comments on this proposal.

A draft of the agreement is available below or can be requested via email: council@ceduna.sa.gov.au , by phoning 86253407; or in person at the Council office at 44 O’Loughlin Tce, Ceduna.

Closing date for written submissions is 4pm Friday 15th June 2018.


Mark Hewitson


Community Land Lease - Bowling Club(736 kb)

Draft Annual Business Plan & Budget 2018-2019

The District Council of Ceduna’s Annual Business Plan for 2018-19 provides an overview of the services, programs and strategic projects Council proposes to deliver to the Community in 2018-19.

The Draft Annual Business Plan has been prepared on the basis of Council focusing on the maintenance of existing assets and infrastructure within the Community, whilst pursuing the key goals in Council’s Strategic Plan.  The services provided by Council reflect both its obligations under a range of legislation and the Community’s expressed desire for specific services, facilities and infrastructure.

Council’s challenge in framing its Draft Annual Business Plan is to achieve these outcomes without presenting an unrealistic rate burden on the Community. In addition, planning for any new Community assets must consider Council’s long term obligations to fund the ongoing maintenance and operation of the new assets in future years.

In developing the 2018-19 Draft Annual Business Plan, Council has given particular attention to the economic circumstances prevailing in the various sectors of our community.

In the context of these circumstances, Council proposes to increase total General Rate Revenue by 2.0%, relative to General Rate Revenue in 2017-18. Whilst increases to Council’s costs are forecast to be greater then a 2% General Rate increase and forecasted full year June 2018 Adelaide Consumer Price Index (CPI) of 2.1%, Council is proposing this increase in light of increasing cost pressures upon properties within the Council area.

Council proposes to continue to utilise Differential Rates (rates in the dollar) applied to the site value of the land, for defined townships, rural and industrial locations with Council, in conjunction with a Fixed Charge, to achieve its General Rate Revenue for 2018-19. In addition, Council has planned to continue its gradual equalisation of Council’s 4 township differential rates into one standard township differential rate by 2021-22.

Council proposes to apply a General Rate Cap of 12% and Pension rate cap of 7% to eligible assessments, to provide reasonable relief from significant valuation increases resulting in large increases in General Rates Payable in 2018-19, relative to 2017-18.

Key elements of the 2018-19 Draft Annual Business Plan include –

  • $0.523 Million Operating Deficit (before Capital Amounts), resulting from Total Operating Revenues of $9.748 Million and Total Operating Expenses of $10.271 Million
  • 2% increase in total General Rate Revenue
  • 12% General Rate Cap and 7% Pensioner Rate Cap for eligible assessments
  • $1.611 Million in Capital Expenditure for the refurbishment of existing assets
  • $8.721 Million in Capital Expenditure for the construction or purchase of new assets
  • $3.940 Million in Capital Grants or Contributions for Council Capital Projects
  • $4.315 Million in New Borrowings for Council Capital Projects

This document will be advertised within local media and hard copies of this document are also available from Council’s Administration Office, 44 O’Loughlin Terrace, Ceduna.


Written submissions for Council’s consideration in regards to this document will be accepted from residents and ratepayers until 12:00pm Wednesday 20th June 2018.

Public Question Time

Residents and ratepayers will have an opportunity to make verbal submissions during Council’s Ordinary Council meeting to be held at the Council Chambers, 44 O’Loughlin Terrace Ceduna  on Wednesday 20th June 2018 at 4:00pm where one (1) hour has been allocated to receive these submissions.

All correspondence to

All correspondence in regards to Council’s Draft 2018-2019 Annual Business Plan should be addressed to:

Postal -

Manager Administration & Finance
District Council of Ceduna
PO Box 175
Ceduna SA 5690

Email - council@ceduna.sa.gov.au

Draft Annual Business Plan & Budget 2018-19(1248 kb)


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