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Council currently have the following documents out for Public Consultation. 


Draft Annual Business Plan 2017-2018

The District Council of Ceduna’s Draft Annual Business Plan for 2017-18 provides an overview of the services, programs and strategic projects Council plans to deliver to the Community in 2017-18.

The Draft Annual Business Plan has been prepared on the basis of Council improving its long term financial capacity for the provision of a sustainable level of both statutory and discretionary services to the Community, whilst pursuing the key goals in Council’s Strategic Plan.  The services provided by Council reflect both its obligations under a range of legislation and the Community’s expressed desire for specific services, facilities and infrastructure.

Council’s challenge in framing its Draft Annual Business Plan is to achieve these outcomes without presenting an unrealistic rate burden on the Community.  In addition, planning for any new Community assets must consider Council’s long term obligations to fund the ongoing maintenance and operation of the new assets in future years.

Key elements of the 2017-18 Draft Annual Business Plan include –

  • $0.200 Million Operating Deficit (before Capital Amounts), resulting from Total Operating Revenues of $9.547 Million and Total Operating Expenses of $9.747 Million
  • 2% increase in total General Rate Revenue
  • 12% General Rate Cap and 7% Pensioner Rate Cap for eligible assessments
  • No planned changes in Waste Collection, CWMS and Water Supply Charges for 2017-18 as compared to 2016-17
  • $1.701 Million in Capital Expenditure for the refurbishment of existing assets
  • $9.793 Million in Capital Expenditure for the construction or purchase of new assets
  • $6.906 Million in Capital Grants or Contributions for Council Capital Projects
  • $2.728 Million in New Borrowings for Council Capital Projects

Members of the community are invited to attend the Council meeting to be held on Wednesday 17 May 2017 4.15pm in the Council Chambers, where there will be opportunity for members of the public to make a submission or ask questions in relation to the Draft Annual Business Plan. Anyone who can not attend but wishes to make a submission of ask questions can so via the following methods:

Postal submission: 
Addressed to Manager Administration & Finance
District Council of Ceduna
PO Box 175
Email: council@ceduna.sa.gov.au
Online Feedback Form:  http://ceduna.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1059

Submissions not made in person must be received by Council no later than 5:00pm Tuesday 16 May 2017


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