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The word Ceduna is believed to have come from the Aboriginal word Cheedoona which means “a place to rest.” Ceduna is the major centre to a large and diverse business and industry sector on the Far West Coast of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. It is the established focal point of a wide range of services. The Eyre Highway or National Highway One passes directly through Ceduna with approximately 240,000 tourists passing through the town annually (Centre of Economic Studies 2001.)

The District Council of Ceduna is the most western Local Government area of South Australia, being one of the most isolated and remote Councils of the State. The town of Ceduna is located on the Far West Coast of South Australia, on the scenic shores of Murat Bay on the Great Australian Bight, 780 km by road from South Australia’s capital Adelaide and 1900 road kms to Perth.

A high level of economic growth has occurred in recent times through the tourism, aquaculture and mining industries. This has resulted in the demand for increased services, increased interest in land development and the creation of many new job opportunities.

Ceduna has a population of 3,480 people as at 2011 (ABS.) A high proportion of this number of people live in Ceduna/Thevenard with the towns of Koonibba, Smoky Bay and Denial Bay having smaller populations within the Council’s boundary.

Ceduna has been described as having one of the most complex multi-cultural communities in the country (Nicholas Clarke & Associates May 1996) with many nationalities prominent in the town and immediate region.

Ceduna's reputation as the Far West Coast's major business, industry and service centre is expected to be enhanced with the continued redevelopment of major infrastructure in and around Ceduna.

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